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Hire St Andrew's Hall for your Wedding Venue


St Andrew's Hall is available to hire as a Wedding Venue, whether or not your Wedding is being held at St Andrew's Church.  The hall can hold 120 people for a stand-up buffet, or 80 people for a sit-down meal.  We have 18 tables suitable for 8 people and 90 chairs.

2024 Hall Hire Charges

Mondays to Fridays before 6.30pm is £33 per hour (school holidays only). Mondays to Friday, 6.30 – 11.00pm is £33 per hour.

Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays before 6.30pm is £52 per hour. Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays, 6.30pm – 11.00pm is £65 per hour.

We have a fully equipped kitchen which costs £15 (for use of just kettles/mugs/fridge) or £70 (to also use oven/dishwasher/crockery/cutlery) as a flat rate for your booking.

10% discount for bookings over 7 hours.

Please contact the Parish Office for information.

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