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Ham Priory


For anyone who wants to grow and deepen in the practice of prayer, and share that adventure with others.

We believe prayer is a gift from God; to be enjoyed, practised and developed. Cultivating a regular pattern of personal prayer, and mutual encouragement from others who are doing the same, can help us grow in prayer.


Participants aim to practice three things:

1. Daily personal prayer: morning, evening or both, where we might use Scripture, silence, written or improvised prayers.

2. Weekly Bible reading: at least one focussed time each week of reading a portion of Scripture slowly, prayerfully and reflectively, listening for what God might be saying to us or asking of us.

3. Monthly meeting with others: normally the first Tuesday of each month, for Evening Prayer, informal discussion and sharing how we’re doing with our practice.


Each year there will be a service of Holy Communion at which any who wish to commit themselves to live this way of life for a year will be commissioned. Anyone is welcome to come and join in with us at any time of the year.


Interested in joining in? Please contact the Parish Office or speak to Revd James Pettit, who will introduce you to the others involved and point you towards some helpful resources.

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