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Funerals and Thanksgiving Services frequently take place at St Andrew’s and we would be pleased to discuss how we might help you through what can be a difficult and confusing time. As Christians we believe that death is not the end of our story but that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ offers us hope for the future. Whether the service takes place at St Andrew’s and/or a Crematorium we will work with you and your family to plan a service which reflects and celebrates the person who has died.

Our churchyard is now closed for new graves as there is no more space (although if your family has an existing grave it may have space for a further burial). A Garden of Remembrance has been laid out in the churchyard where ashes can be scattered and there is also a Book of Remembrance in the church where people can be commemorated.

The website is very helpful in thinking about a Christian funeral and coping with bereavement.


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