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Babies and Young Children.


Babies and young children are very welcome at St Andrew's. Please do not hesitate to bring your child into any of the services with you. We have 'activity rucksacks' for small children, which are full of toys, books and colouring in. These can be taken with you to a pew for your child to explore during a service. If you can't see one just ask and someone will be happy to get one for you.


We also have a child's room with toys and a child's toilet at the back of the church. The walls are glass so that you can see into the church and there is a relay speaker so that you can hear the service whilst in the child's room. 

We realise that bringing very young children to church can be a challenge and we want to support you in any way that we can.

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FUEL youth group, ages 10-16.

Is a youth group run by St Peter’s and St Andrew’s Churches in Ham and Petersham, for those aged around 10-16 years old.

We meet most months in St Andrew’s church hall. Socials and trips are organised several times a year.


From 5pm till 6pm for games, discussions about life, the Bible and faith, meeting up with and making friends, and eating biscuits.


We also meet to play games, chat and join in at Sacred Space, an hour of live music, craft and cake at St Andrew’s Church, once a month from 7-8pm. 


23rd April: Games, discussion and biscuits.



14th May: Sacred Space – ‘Wonder’ 

21st May: Games, discussion and biscuits.



4th June: Sacred Space – ‘Unity’ 

25th June: Games, discussion and biscuits.



9th July: Rounders at St George’s Field, 5-6:30pm.

followed by Sacred Space – ‘Beauty’, 7-8pm 

Sunday School, ages 3-11.


Sunday School meets in the hall on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday of the Month. Our Sunday school either meets all together or is split into two age groups - early years / KS1 and KS2. Children are very welcome to join us.

Our team are conscientious and experienced. We hope to provide children with a good understanding of the Christian faith, continuity and security as well as fun and enjoyment. 

Usually a Nativity Service is presented to the church just before Christmas each year. Social events and craft days are arrange throughout the year.  For more information about Sunday School, please contact us.

Youth Group, age 14-18.

This youth group currently meets online.

Sunday evening zoom, 5-6:30pm.

Baby group. 

Every other Monday morning we have a small group, particularly for those babies or toddlers preparing for baptism or who have recently been baptised.  With a simple Bible story, songs, toys and friendly chat. If you are interested in knowing more please get in touch with Revd Alice.

Other Opportunities.

There are opportunities for children and young people to be involved at St Andrew’s. Please speak to Rev Alice Pettit if you are interested in volunteering with us as part of your Duke of Edinburgh award, joining our music group or choir and helping to lead Sunday worship, flower arranging, gardening or baking, if you would be interested in our art days or wish to speak to someone about baptism, confirmation or any aspect of life or faith. 

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