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Welcome to St Andrew's Church



THIS SUNDAY - 8th May.

10:15am - Holy Communion Service and Sunday school.

12noon - Holy Communion (BCP)

7pm - 8pm - Sacred Space - free live music event with cake and craft. Come and go as you please, enjoy sitting in the beautiful surroundings of St Andrew's Church - a bit like a big, live music cafe.

Do you love singing, learning new music, making new friends and being part of special events and services? We are very pleased to have the talented and lovely  Jan as our new Choir Leader. We welcome you to join either our weekly choir or the extended choir (who form twice a year to sing at the special services for Easter and Christmas). Please contact the Parish Office.

For the live stream of our 10:15am services please see our YouTube channel.


SUNDAY SCHOOL IS IN THE HALL every 2nd and 4th Sunday. Please bring your children straight to the hall before the start of the service. 


Prayer for Ukraine (from the Methodist Church).

Loving God, your Son Jesus Christ, wept over Jerusalem. Today, we weep over Ukraine.
We weep for those uprooted from their homes and lives. We weep for those cowering in basements.
We weep for those who have witnessed death and destruction on their streets.
We weep for those separated from parents, from children, from spouses and siblings.

We are amazed at the resilience of people seeking to comfort those in need and so we pray for Governments opening up borders so that Ukrainians can have safe passage. We pray for churches and individuals providing food, clothing and shelter.
We pray for medical workers ensuring that shattered bodies are put back together again.
We pray for ordinary Russians demonstrating and voicing their disapproval of the military actions in Ukraine.
May the Holy Spirit give us the willpower to turn our tears into action also.
May we, through our words, prayers and example pursue the things that make for a just peace in the world today and especially in Ukraine.

In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

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A warm, friendly and inclusive community that meet and worship at Saint Andrew’s. We invite you to join us for any of our services or events. The church is set in a peaceful and beautiful area of woodland on Ham Common, near to Richmond Park. For details of how to find us see here.


A joyful celebration of love and commitment. To be married at St Andrew’s you need to either live within our Parish, be on our Electoral Roll, or have a Qualifying Connection with the parish.

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A rite of initiation into the church  involving a declaration of faith and commitment to the Christian life, either by the adult being baptised,

or by parents and godparents

on behalf of a baby or child. 


We would be pleased to discuss how we might help. Whether the service is at St Andrew’s and/or a Crematorium we will work with you  to plan a service which reflects and celebrates the person who has died.

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